12 Wild Bears Photography Sessions From Nature

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1. Splashing after the dinner.

This is the after effect of when a bear splashes in after his/her dinner, the salmon. From the look of this guy, he looks like he has already had his first go round with salmon, from his teeth. Brown bears will eat 3 salmon an hour, all day long just to gain that weight for the winter sleep.

after the splash in

Source: After The Splash In

2. Brown bear walking in the bog at sunset.

at the time when the sun goes down

Source: At The Time When The Sun Goes Down

3. Russian River, Alaska.

bully at play ii

Source: Bully At Play II

4. He just doesn’t see it that way yet…….. Or does he?

For a young bear this salmon catch and all the others he will make in his life will be a an important catch.

caught by his fin y fin fin

Source: Caught By His Fin

5. European brown bear/ bruin beer.

european brown bear bruine beer

Source: European Brown Bear

6. This bear seemed embarrassed or something when he came up onto the road.

im embarrassed

Source: I’m Embarrassed

7. Young European brown bear. They have only one cub. This is a wild animal.

just wild

Source: Just Wild

8. In the bear world being fat is a very good thing and the fatter the better.

This big bear has packed on the pounds for winter and you can really tell the size of a bear by how small his ears are. Smaller the ears, bigger the bear but this guy is ridiculously fat. Going to be an easy winter for him.

obesitya good thing

Source: Obesity…A Good Thing

9. Wild european brown bear in the Finland forest. This big female come directly in front of me, unforgettable moment.

only you and me

Source: Only You And Me

10. Wild European brown bear in Finland.

ours brun

Source: Ours Brun

11. This brown bear sow is searching for the salmon in the Russian River, with her brew in tow.

the family march

Source: The Family March

12. Walking up and down the Russian River.

You apt to see just about anything, then again you may not see anything at all and on this day I walked the Russian all day and as I was going to leave and go back to my truck, I see this brown just standing on this rock like he was looking for something. Could it be Salmon? You figure it out.

the look out

Source: The Look Out

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