12 Green Tree Python Photos That You Have Never See

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Morelia viridis is commonly known as the green tree python. Herpetoculture hobby, chondro is a species of python that can be found in New Guinea in Indonesia and Cape York Peninsula in Australia. See 12 amazing green python photos that you might have not seen before. Also give us your feedback in the comment box.

Lush Green Tree Python Photos

1. Studio photo of green python.

a green tree python

Source: Green Python Photo

2. A green python at Chester Zoo.

green python

Source: Green Python

3. Wild Green Python from the Iron Range in Cape York, Queensland, Australia.

green python morelia viridis

Source: Green Python

4. Morelia Viridis!

This is a species of green tree python found in New Guinea, islands in Indonesia, and Cape York Peninsula in Australia.

green tree python morelia viridis

Source: Morelia Viridis

5. Selective focus! Close-up shot of green tree python, Morelia Viridis.

green snakes

Source: Green Snake

6. A green python rests on a branch at the Baltimore Aquarium.

greens tree-python

Source: Python Resting

7. Extreme close-up portrait of green tree python. Shallow depth of field.

green tree python

Source: Selective Focus On Tree Python

8. Have you guys seen python anytime this closely?

It looks amazing. This green tree python, moreli is characterized by a relatively slim body. The relatively long tail accounts for about 14% of the total length. The head is large and clearly A fairly variegated green tree python at rest; showing off its distinctive angular snout. defined from the neck.

green tree pythons

Source: Moreli

9. A studio portrait of a Python.

green trees python

Source: Python Portrait

10. Grüne Baumpython (Morelia viridis).

grune baum python

Source: Grüne Baumpython

11. Green python in its usual position, curled around a branch.

morelia viridis

Source: Morelia Viridis

12. This tree python was all coiled up, what a surprise.

All we can say is that the name is very fitting. He is definitely green, in a tree, and appears to be at least some sort of snake.


Source: Snake

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